2017 Autism SHARE Walk

Colin's Crusaders

Colin's Crusaders walks to support our sweet Colin!  Colin was the inspiration for the very first Walk after we received his diagnosis at the age of three.  We wanted to do something!  

We wanted for other families to not have the struggle to find local resources!  We wanted to let other families know that they were not alone!  And most of all, we wanted to let other families know that their kids are awesome!!!

At our first Walk, in May, 2010, about 300 of us braved the cold, blustery day to celebrate!  We made new friends, we came together and we all found out we were not alone!  Last year, our Walk had about 3,000 people in attendance!  We have watched this Walk grow, we saw families connecting with local service providers at our Resource Fair, we saw friends made, and families supporting each other.  

We can't wait to see everyone this year!  Remember, it only takes one person to make a difference!  

Walk!  Can't walk, donate!  Can't donate?  Spread the word!  Everyone can do something!!!


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