2017 Autism SHARE Walk

Lucas' Skywalkers

Welcome to our page for Lucas' Skywalkers!  Thank you to every one of our friends and family who have supported us in the past!  This is our favorite time of year!  For those who don't know, we have been a part of S.H.A.R.E. for almost 6 years! We honestly don't know where our family would be without the support that S.H.A.R.E. provides.  We are very blessed to have Lucas and all his beautiful gifts of intelligence, his unique perception of the world around him, his humor and his undeniable geekiness!  

Lucas has always inspired me to persevere and just enjoy life..."because....why not?".  <--Lucas says that all the time!  

 Lucas, who is now 14, was diagnosed with Aspergers/High Functioning Autism when he was 7 and a half years old.  We have triplets who are almost 7 years old....yes, we got a diagnosis of Autism for Lucas and had triplets in the same year!

Why do we fund raise?  Our family chooses to fund raise for S.H.A.R.E. not only for our family but for the almost 200 OTHER S.H.A.R.E. families in the Permian Basin  who have a special needs child and some friends of mine have more than one child with special needs.  Some of the friends I have met through the support group at S.H.A.R.E. or at one of the many events, have children who CAN NOT be left unattended AT ALL.  I see THESE parents and see how important just 4 hours per month for RESPITE can be.  I know families who drive over an hour to Midland just to get 4 hours of time to take a trip to the grocery store, go to a movie, spend alone time with siblings or just go to dinner with friends.  I know single moms who will drop their children off one Friday per month for 4  hours just to go SLEEP!  I know a mom who has to sleep in the daytime because she has to stay up all night watching her child while she sleeps to make sure she does not have a seizure or get out of her bed or her home.  I know parents who don't sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night and have 4 locks on every door with alarms to let  them know if it is opened because their child is a runner/wanderer.  This is why we fund raise! 

Please everyone, if you can, please donate!  Try and look up FREE RESPITE SERVICES in Texas...see how many you find? Not many.  The Permian Basin is blessed to have this resource for our families!  Please give if you can...if you want to walk with us...please register!



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